Acquia Cloud Site Factory

New features | Updated design

Background: Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a multi-tenant multi-site infrastructure for Drupal sites, allowing many sites to run on the same code base, having access to the same features. This SaaS infrastructure is managed through an administration interface.

Responsibilities: Redesigned look and feel while adding features to allow for multiple development sites, code deployment, site grouping and permissions.

Deliverables: Workflows, Wireframes, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Acquia         Date: 2012 - 2013

Group concept wireframes

Generated a set of wireframes based on sketches and conversations between customers and engineers.

Selected group

Developed wireframes for selected group information, including a role and permission based system that controlled user access.

Selected site

Within a selected site it was requested that options be exposed and visible for discovery purposes, providing the user with all the necessary information and tools to administer the site.

Available groups

The final design as developed in 2012, showing the group structure.

Selected group design

Final design for selected groups, and sub-groups.

Selected site design

Final design for selected a selected site, allowing easy access to all available options.

Concept for future enhancements

Overall concept for future enhancements to the IA and navigation structure.

Workflow for task progress

Site Factory allows for many tasks to be performed across multiple sites, so task progress is important and complex, to keep product and developers in sync with UX thinking, I developed a series of functional workflows.