Brainshark Android App

New product

Background: Brainshark is an on-demand SaaS presentation platform that allows users to create and consume rich media presentations, and complete learning and assessment courses from anywhere. This project was to create the first android app for the platform.

Responsibilities: Designed all the user interactions, original designs and android prototypes for testing across various device experiences.

Deliverables: Research, Workflows, Wireframes. Prototypes, Testing, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Brainshark         Date: 2011

Brainshark home screen

We opted for a home screen designed to provide easy discovery into the available options for the user.

Selected presentation

When in a selected presentation the user could easily start the presentation, or choose a chapter or section to skip to and begin there.

Search results

Users could search featured content, or access content that was just available to them through their company.

Initial sketches

Initial sketches of the home screen.

Explaining the flows

Quick sketch of the flows to talk through the hub and spoke model of how interactions should revolve around the presentations.