Acquia Cloud V3 Responsive

Large scale redesign

Background: The Acquia Cloud V3 redesign is focused on redefining the cloud application management experience. Redesigned from the ground up to be a fully responsive experience, taking into account previous user feedback and testing to create the most efficient and manageable workflows.

Responsibilities: Provided UX project direction with a large cross functional team of UX, Engineering and Product. Designed interactions, wireframes and prototypes with the a small UX team. Created the initial design language concepts and provided art direction to a small UI team to build component based designs for implementation into a front-end framework.

Deliverables: Research, Workflows, Wireframes, Prototypes, High fidelity designs, Art Direction

Role: Principal UX Designer         For: Acquia         Date: 2014 - 2015

Redesign concept

Initial visual design concept focusing on simplicity, a flatter design aesthetic and high contrast for better accessiblity.

Component based design

Provided art direction for a component based design system developed under my guidance, based on my initial design concepts.

Design system

Developed the initial design system that focused on typography, color and a unit system.

Responsive design

Project designed from the ground up to be a fully responsive experience. Providing an engaging experience at a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

Initial sketches of structure

Initial concept of UI structure and layout of the new experience, focusing on panels and cards.

Mapping out components

Worked with other designs to map out components and prioritizing the most used components for initial delivery to developers.

Refactored site map

Modified site map providing a bridge from the old IA to the new IA.

Sketching everywhere

I'm a big fan of sketching, myself and another designer created a lot of sketches of various components.

Paper prototyping

After sketching, we photocopy the sketches and cut them up to ideate on various layouts and design ideas.

Panel sketches

Sketches of various panel states. From push panels that would reflow content, to overlay panels that would sit atop existing content.

Environment overview concept

Early concept of an environment overview page. The left side navigation was focused on providing a fast intuitive way to switch between environment instances.

Motion study

Sketch of various states of motion within the experience for when a user selects an application.

Responsive design

Concepts for a responsive card design showing the reflow of data.