Mzinga OmniSocial UI

New product

Background: Mzinga provides a SaaS based white label social community platform allowing businesses to better engage with customers.

Responsibilities: Designed various dashboard, administrative tools and community products.

Deliverables: Wireframes, Workflows, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UI Designer / Front-end Developer         For: Mzinga         Date: 2008 - 2011

Omnisocial dashboard

Provided guidance in design, wireframed and helped to build the entry point into an integrated product experience.

Sites and Zones

Zones were basically groupings of application instances. Helped to conceptualize the experience, wireframe and build it while providing guidance on the overall aesthetic.

Managing blogs

Designing at scale posed challenges as customers could have hundreds, or thousands of blogs. The MVP was a table based design with pagination and search.

Social profiles

Designed and assisted in the development of a full featured, fully customizable white-label social profile product with many components.

Friend management

Friend cards allowed you to easily see what your friends were up to, message and manage their access to your profile.

Subscription management

Integrated into the social profile was easy access to subscription management tools from our community forum products.

Photo galleries

Designed and assisted in development of a full featured suite of photo management tools complete with albums and commenting.

Customizable profiles

Users with the right permissions were allowed to customize their profile by building their own widgets for a unique profile experience.