I am a…

UX design and product leader
Creative director
UX designer
Problem solver
Surface pattern designer
3D modeler
Lego enthusiast

My name is Matt Edmunds, and I have spent over 20 years working in all manner of media, from print, to television, and the web. Over that time I’ve worked in everything from small startups to publicly traded enterprise organizations. I’ve specialized over the past 10 years in building high performing SaaS product teams, doing so by building partnerships between Product, Engineering and User Experience, while maintaining strong relationships with Sales, Customer Success and Marketing to drive a data-informed but product experience led approach.

I believe that iteration is the key, while at the same time building towards key milestones. Doing so insures the release of a product that’s complete enough to solve the established problem, while being polished enough to succeed.

If you’re interested in building strong teams, in design leadership, or just want to learn more about leveraging emerging technologies in design, let’s chat.