About me

Hi, I’m Matt Edmunds. I’ve signed emails as m@ since 1999.

I’ve spent over 20 years as a creative professional working in all manner of media, mainly specializing on product-centric user experiences.

I’ve worked in everything from small startups to publicly traded enterprise organizations. My focus over the past 15 years is in building high performing SaaS product teams.

UX philosophy

I believe in partnership and collaboration over power dynamics and org charts. Cultivating partnerships between Product, Engineering and User Experience, while maintaining strong relationships with Sales, Customer Success and Marketing help to drive a holistic, data-informed understanding of the problems customers are facing.

That iteration is the key, while at the same time building towards key milestones. Doing so insures the release of a product that’s complete enough to solve the established problem, while being polished enough to succeed.

If you’re interested in building strong teams, in design leadership, or just want to learn more about leveraging emerging technologies in design, let’s chat.

What I do

UX Product Leadership, Strategy and Design.

Why I do it

I’m a problem solver, along with being endlessly curious and a lifelong learner. Design features a vast landscape of processes, tools and techniques. From learning and understanding problems by engaging with users, to ideating and collaborating on how we can creatively address them in a compelling way. It’s an art, and a science, it’s nerdy and elegant. To quote one of my high school science teachers “observation is a science” … as a creative that’s always enjoyed observing the world around them.

That kid that loved science but never loved the math that went along with it, that as an artist would observe for days before drawing something, the lightbulb clicked right there. UX is at its core an observational science and that’s why I do it. It’s a beautiful cross-section of how my brain works.

What inspires me

I’m an avid learner and seek inspiration from everywhere. I enjoy learning from and observing the creative process of others in many forms and soak up input, while having a strong memory and aptitude to retain it. It means I enjoy picking up new skills, and circling back to old ones to learn more. I’m never satisfied, while learning to enjoy the journey than focus on the destination.

I grew up in my formative years on an island, surrounded by nature, and the water. The ocean was my happy place as a child, the seemingly infinite nothingness was fascinating. As an adult, the mountains for their grandeur and scale captivate me. I’m an introverted extrovert that would rather walk the quiet empty streets during a winter snowfall, than the packed hallways of a local mall.

I have an unhealthy obsession with how light scatters on objects, particularly that of clouds after a storm or fog on an early summer morning. Or sunsets after a thunderstorm, when the sun rays scatter through the water vapor. The colors and the soft shadows are breathtaking.

Likewise I’m inspired by repetition and patterns, by fractals, and procedural, programmatic formulas that can produce endlessly complex structures.