Drupal Create

New product

Background: Users are continuing to create content from their mobile devices, Drupal out of the box does not provide a mobile optimized creation experience.

Responsibilities: Designed an iOS content creation app with the purpose of open sourcing the design and the technology to the Drupal community. The app is designed to work with a wide variety of field types that allows it to work with seemingly endless content configurations. This allows the app to be used with many different sites without need of a specialized app experience for that site.

Deliverables: Workflows, Wireframes, Prototypes, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Acquia         Date: May - September 2012

Home screen

When first opening the app, if you've not yet configured a site, we prompt you for the site's URL to get started.

Content listing

Showing a list of test content from a live Drupal based website.

Version 2 of creation page

After feedback and testing we moved to a full page overlay to allow for better context of what types of content could be created with the connected site, and also to allow for scalability as its fully user customizable.

Example content creation

Because the app works with a wide variety of custom field types that the user could configure on their own site, the app needed a wide amount of support and could handle virtually any configuration though a component based design.

iOS app icon

After several iterations we landed on this for the official Acquia release to the iOS App Store. It was subsequently open sourced several months later allowing any developer to fork the code.