SlideShark web management UI

New product

Background: Slideshark is an iOS app and web portal powered by the SaaS presentation platform, Brainshark. This on demand presentation platform has a web management experience to control access to shared presentation content and to convert presentations into the Slideshark mobile friendly format.

Responsibilities: Designed all the user interactions, original concepts and design vision with a small cross-functional development team. Used ‘Lean UX’ principles to deliver a tested, constantly iterated web application in only a few months from concept to the first user sign-ups.

Deliverables: Research, Workflows, Wireframes, Prototypes, Testing, High fidelity designs

Role: Senior UX / UI Designer         For: Brainshark         Date: 2011 - 2012

Research and sketching

At the start of every project, especially new product categories I research and sketch concepts.

Sketching dashboards

Sketching dashboard and feature locations.

First time user onboarding

When a user logged into the web experience for the first time they were greeted with an onboarding experience that walked them through various features and allowed them easily complete the initial steps get started.

Slideshark presentation list

The landing page of the Slideshark web interface displayed a list of available presentations the user had uploaded and their status.

User management

User permissions and management were critically important to the success of the Team version of the product.

Basic ideation

Sketches for various analytics.

Analytics dashboard

Final design of the first iteration of the analytics dashboard available to administrators and owners of the presentations being shared.


Purchasing more storage and upgrading your plan was a critical business driver, a user friendly multi-step wizard was used to guide users through the process.


Payment confirmation page.

Adding a user

Administrators could easily add users based on a per seat model, along with basic permissions in the MVP of the product.